Society and more specifically: the business world today, are constantly evolving and developing new disruptive technologies. This has challenged the retail industry, as brick and mortar stores and companies must find ways to implement these new strategies into their businesses in order to maintain a competitive advantage.

There are new technology solutions for every problem you can think of and even more for the ones that you might have not considered. A plethora of free information on the internet is provided through an extensive retail network that can be very beneficial but also intimidating to look into on your own. Due to this, we took the time to gather the best retail-tech blogs that are bound to provide you with useful information for your specific business needs.


1. RetailDive

Retail Dive provides readers with insight into the professional background of the retail industry. Aside from their extensive Technology section, they offer information on trends, marketing, e-commerce, payments, logistics and corporate news. They also promote events that you can register for and a podcast called Conversational Commerce that taps into thought leadership.


2. RetailWire

Retail Wire has been around as a free resource for over 15 years. They serve as a unique forum for retail professions where their Brain Trust Panel of industry experts and members provide valuable topics each morning on the most forceful trends and concerns affecting the retail industry.


3. Insider Trends

Insider Trends is the “retail trends specialist,” they deliver retail trend tours, retail innovation presentations, retail industry trend reports and more. This blog focuses on retail technology and will surely let you know what is coming next in the field. They will give you an understanding on how to maintain a competitive advantage.

4. NRF’s Blog

The National Retail Federation is the world’s largest retail trade association representing all forms of retail companies in America and from more than 45 other countries.  Their mission is “to advance the interests of the retail indust4ry through advocacy, communications and education.” Aside from their many useful blog sections, they have notable sections for both technology and retail trends in which they consider the most advanced innovations being implemented in brick-and-mortar stores today.

5. RetailTouchPoints

Retail Touch Points offers content dedicated on optimizing the customer experience throughout all channels and content intended to lead retail companies into long-term success. They focus on innovative thinking and dedicate a section for retail innovation which provides the latest retail tech trends, news and insights.


6. The Retail Doctor

The Retail Doctor is a blog run by “expert retail consultant and leading business mentor, Retail Expert Bob Phibbs.” Bob Phibbs started this retail consulting company in 1994 and has immense experience and industry knowledge, which he uses to assist retailers in growing their business and understanding how to deal with the dynamic changes that come with new technology. The blog is known for its personal and easy-to-understand tone.

7. Vend

Vend is “the retail management software that’s taken retail to the cloud.” Started 6 years ago and has worked with over 20,000 stores across over 140 countries. Their blog provides categories for Technology & Omnichannel and Retail Tips & Trends, coupled with resources that guide you through various techniques.

8. RetailCustomerExperience is a web portal dedicated to helping retailers differentiate themselves based on experience- rather than on price. Their blog posts are strictly true insight/tips/advice/trends from knowledgeable industry executives and analysts. They offer resources, webinars, videos and over 30 blog topics to choose from with several technology and retail-based topics.

9. Capterra Blog- Retail Management

The Capterra Blog offers a bunch of industry-specific blog posts that are very useful. Specifically, the Retail Management section focuses heavily on using software and technology to increase revenue and cut costs, industry trends, POS systems, how to evaluate payment processing providers. They call themselves the world’s leading digital marketplace for business software.

10. Forrester-Retail

The Forrester Retail Blog uses their large-scale and in-depth research to deliver data-driven insight into the specific ways technology is reshaping the retail industry. They focus on analyzing tech trends, incorporating voice-assisted commerce, merging digital and physical experiences, and mobile self-checkout.


11. Cisco Retail Blog

Cisco Systems operates worldwide and is best known for their computer networking products. The Retail Blog helps retailers track trends and critical data about customers and their purchases. They provide information on emerging technology in the industry and how to implement digital technology to improve the customer experience.

12. Retail IT Insights

The Retail IT Insights blog does exactly what you’d expect- provide retailers with information about developing technologies that affect retail. Not only is it a valuable source to learn how to use different technologies like big data and voice commerce, but it also provides white-papers and case studies for more thorough data and analysis.


13. MyTotalRetail

My Total Retail stands as “the go-to source for marketing, e-commerce, operations and management executives looking for the latest news and analysis on the omnichannel retail industry.” Their website is updated daily with a daily e-newsletter (The Total Retail Report), and also provide a quarterly print issue and virtual and in-person events. With all this information you are bound to find what you need in order to succeed.

14. The IoT@Intel Blog

The IoT@Intel blog by the American multinational corporation and technology company has a specific category for retail where you can read about the new innovative technologies being developed, as well as interviews with the company technologists. They introduce digital and AI solutions being integrated into the retail world.

15. IBM Retail Industry Blog

IBM is an American multination technology company that stands for International Business Machines Corporation. Their retail industry blog provides insights on business- specifically, AI, blockchain, and the uprising of the mobile workforce- from key leaders, IBM staff, and a number of other influencers.

16. Samsung Insights: Retail

Aside from the main technology solutions and electronics that Samsung sells, they offer “thought-provoking and informative articles and videos on enterprise technology trends and best practices.”  Their expert contributors cover industries and provide valuable information on topics like in-store technology initiatives, mobile productivity, security and more.


17. Oracle Retail Blog

Oracle Retail Blog helps retailers stay up-to-date on customer successes, hot retail trends and industry best practices. They cover cloud and data analytics, the science behind retail, planning optimization and more.

18. Salesforce Blog

The Salesforce blog helps apprehend how to manage digital transformation, how to use data management technology, how to personalize the customer’s digital retail experience. They provide tips for success and research on the industry.

19. RILA Retail Checkout

The Retail Industry Leaders Association is the trade association for America’s largest and most innovative retail brands. They offer many topics, but specifically they provide great information on innovation, cybersecurity, and how technology is changing the supply chain.

20. Shopify

Shopify is currently one of the largest e-commerce platforms and it provides a plethora of relevant topics. The retail section covers areas from helpful high-tech tools, loss prevention, and how to attract more customers with technology. Just look up tech- or something more specific- in the search box and plenty of articles will pop up.


21. The Retail Eye

The Retail Eye is run by J.C. Williams Group which are global retail advisors with over three decades of global retail consulting experience. They share major retailing trends, concepts and best practices and provide an archive that dates all the way back to 2011 and categories for retail, retail innovations, social media, virtual and more.

22. Retail-Week

Retail-Week is a London-based blog delving into analysis of the retail industry’s performance. They are a live intelligence resource that provides readers with exclusive access the people, trends, strategies, competitor analysis and financial data of the UK’s most innovative retailers.


23. FashionRetailTechNews

Fashion Retail Tech News provides headlines from around the web covering retail, technology, e-commerce and fashion. This blog is unique as it understands how the news within this industry changes every day. It shares the innovative ideas and product headlines for your specific needs.

24. Retail Minded

Retail Minded is best for smaller and independent business retailers. They offer information on broad industry trends, relevant news, and advice on ways to incorporate new technologies into your business.

25. Retail Geek

Retail Geek is run by a fourth-generation retailer and helps readers grasp what is necessary to make a great retail experience online or in-store. They offer book recommendations and a weekly podcast- The Jason & Scot Show- where they share the latest e-commerce news and events.


We hope our recommendations granted you with advantageous knowledge into the continuously-developing retail world. These 25 blogs should offer you everything you need to know to make better business decisions and ideas on how to progress with retail technology. Let us know what you think in the comments and if you have any other blogs you’d like to recommend!

Yael Kochman