Nothing will keep Israeli Retail Tech companies away from NRF!

For me, this is going to be my second NRF and this time I will be attending as the CMO at buywith – the startup that transforms any e-commerce website into a 24/7 Live Shopping machine.

We put together a map with all the Israeli retail tech companies presenting (and also a few that aren’t presenting but will be attending and you can find them around). I hope this will help you locate the ones you’d like to meet with and set meetings in advance or visit their booth. If you’re looking to connect with any of the companies, let us know and we’re happy to connect!

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Search the 54 retail tech companies by category

AI & Generative AI

AI21Labs – only one company in this category, but definitely one to put on your list – AI21 Labs is an AI lab & product company whose mission is to reimagine the way we read and write by making the machine a thought partner to humans.

Digital Customer Experience

buywith – transforms any e-commerce website into a 24/7 live shopping machine, with live and re-used video content that converts visitors to shoppers and a curated creator marketplace to host your live events.

ByondXR – Immersive commerce platform for brands, retailers, and wholesalers. It enables the creation of unique virtual customer experiences and shoppable 3D environments.

Hexa – 3D visualization platform to create, manage, distribute, and analyze 3D models, 360-viewing, and AR experiences.

Namogoo – maximizing the potential of each online journey for eCommerce brands, by truly experiencing everything from their customers’ eyes.

Nexite – helps fashion retailers increase physical store sales with real-time in-store customer behavior data, truly automated inventory management and a digital-first customer and staff experience

Pricer – shelf edge automation and communications company, with solutions based on Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and unique infrared technology for real-time communication.

Sagarmatha – transforms retail with personalized experiences and strategic decision support. Our Machine Learning solutions enhance global retailers’ effectiveness, increasing sales by up.

Selectika – Selectika helps brands and retailers grow their business and avoid returns using Visual AI.

Syte – empowers shoppers to instantly find items they’ll love with inspiring, visual product discovery journeys that drive conversion.

Tymely – an AI Agent for eCommerce customer service, uniquely replaces human agents to efficiently manage retailers’ complex service tickets.

Weezmo – marketing insights platform enables retailers to gain full visibility of their customers’ journeys by connecting online activities and in-store purchasing data.

weR – a deep tech company that provides an AR Platform for Multi-Channel Commerce.

Self-Checkout and In-Store Experience

Corsight – facial recognition technologies with enhanced personal privacy protection.

Cust2Mate – smart shopping cart platform, innovates grocery retail with user-friendly Smart Carts trusted by leading chains, providing a seamless shopping experience and addressing retailers’ key challenges.

Deeyook – Location Technologies, a software company with an extensive IP portfolio, offers touchless TrackingTM – a precise Location as a Service (LaaS) for indoor and outdoor asset tracking

Flow Retail – develops advanced AI-based machine vision solutions for the retail market, enabling autonomous checkout with drastically reduced friction, shrinkage and intervention.

iRomaScents – adding different scents to movies, commercial ads, and shopping.

Nayax – dedicated to providing businesses with a comprehensive payment platform and management system for their operation.

Oriient – Hassle-Free IndoorGPS. Any building, anywhere, no hardware required (no Wi-Fi, no beacons).

SensePass – disruptive mobile payments platform that is revolutionizing the way we pay when shopping both online and in-store.

Shekel – Securing smarter retail – weight-based security solution for all checkout verticals.

Shopic – smart carts that bring the advantages of online commerce to physical supermarkets worldwide.

Trigo – advanced retail automation platform that identifies customers’ shopping items with exceptional levels of accuracy, creating an entirely seamless checkout process.

WiseSense – secured mobile self-shopping & real-time item location visibility.

E-commerce Enabelment

Cloudinary – empowering companies to deliver visual experiences that inspire and connect by unleashing the full potential of their media.

Cymbio – a technological bridge between brands and retailers, enabling better partnerships through inventory leveraging, real-time data sharing and optimized cross-channel order management.

Kahoona – 1st Party Data activation platform for the open-web, provides an essential solution for a cookie-less and identity-less digital ecosystem.

Octup – all-in-one e-commerce operations platform delivering AI-based insights and actionable recommendations to help automate and improve your business operations.

SpeedSize – AI-powered alternative to conventional compression and delivery, a no-code platform providing top-quality media experience for online brands.

Logistics and Supply Chain

1MRobotics – autonomous robotics for the enablement of omnichannel, frictionless retail. Our technology can integrate into existing manned stores or power fully autonomous stores.

Arpalus – enhances retail sales by optimizing on-shelf availability through real-time Computer Vision and Augmented Reality.

BionicHIVE – a fully automated, autonomous robotic solution that can pick, stow, and replenish boxes and deliver them anywhere in the facility.

Bringg – SaaS platform that simplifies the last mile experience, enabling organizations to turn delivery into a competitive advantage by leveraging innovative technology to manage fleets or tap into a global network.

Chainlane – cloud-based solution that allows for accurate inventory management, data-driven insights, and operational efficiency through greater visibility and control across the entire supply chain.

Fabric – combining intelligent robotic fulfillment with local last-mile operations, is redefining how supply chains work.

Onebeat – AI-driven retail technology that uses short-term predictions to translate customer behavior into real-time day-to-day actions that maximize sell-through and overall sales.

YOOBIC – Frontline Experience Platform designed to create the most engaging and productive digital workplace for frontline teams.

Sustainability, Returns and Circular Economy

Renbizz – empowers retailers to execute their rental operation by seamlessly integrating with their familiar sales processes to accelerate growth in a sustainable manner.

ReturnGO – AI-powered returns management platform, on a mission to make eCommerce sustainable, both for businesses and the environment.

Wasteless – helping food retailers slash food waste and boost the bottom line, by optimizing markdowns of perishable products.

Loyalty, Marketing and Retention

Catch – personalized retail media platform, powered by deep learning AI technologies, that Catches the in-store shoppers’ micro-moments in real-time and connects the store to the digital advertising ecosystem.

Pairzon – AI-powered data intelligence platform that pairs in-store transactions from anonymous shoppers with their online identities, empowering retailers to find their in-store audiences online. – empowers leading eCommerce brands with a fully automated Store Credit solution for gift cards, cashback rewards, refunds, loyalty programs & more.

Payments and Pricing

Quicklizard – offers a full suite of tools for price management and optimization, including APIs for integration, data visualization and analytics, and custom rule-setting.

ChargeAfter – Powered by a network of lenders and a data-driven matching engine, ChargeAfter streamlines the distribution of credit into a single, secure, and reliable embedded lending platform.

Forter – Trust Platform for digital commerce. With Forter, enterprises generate more revenue and reduce losses to fraud and abuse by making accurate and real-time decisions about every digital interaction.

Riskified – empowers businesses to grow eCommerce revenues and profit by mitigating risk.

Data and Analytics – a leader in location analytics, instantly generating foot traffic insights for any location in the U.S.

Shelfietech – an advanced and fully automated stock manager that utilizes AI and robotics to enhance store management and streamline workflow.

SimilarWeb – powers businesses with the best digital data – accurate, comprehensive, and actionable digital data, so every business can win their market.

SQream – Revolutionizing data analytics for cost-effective, high-impact insights. Our unique technology enables businesses to analyze more data faster, staying ahead of competitors and reducing hardware costs.

Watchful – an AI-enhanced, competitive data platform that is changing the way teams access, consume & act on digital competitive insights.

Wiliot – an ambient IoT data carrier platform company, offering a Visibility Platform to connect the digital and physical worlds using IoT Pixels, battery-free smart tags that push data to the cloud in real-time without human intervention.

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